Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Obama Religion

The basis of religion is faith. Faith is belief in the existence of something that can't be seen, touched, heard, or felt.

I recently watched a video of children being propagandized by a group of Obama supporters. They sang about Obama leading the way to a better America and world. The lyrics were eerily similar to religious hymns, filled with messages of believing, acceptance, love, and faith.

We the People endured over a year of political campaigning, ads and rhetoric. Billions of words were written about the candidates, their accomplishments, the company they kept, and the periphery surrounding it all. Some was accurate, some was speculative, some taken out of context, and some was flat out BS.

When the smoke cleared after the general election, Obama won.
Pretty typical process during an election in this country. Right?
What isn't typical is the faith demonstrated by a majority of We the People in voting for Barack Hussein Obama to lead our country and essentially, the free world.

Prior to his election, he worked in Chicago as a community organizer. Eventually he got into politics, and served less than one term as the junior senator from Illinois. While serving in this capacity, he voted "present" 130 times. Many of these "present" votes were on significant issues such as abortion, protection of rape victims, and juvenile offenders in Illinois.

He was relatively passive and ineffective during his short career in the senate, authoring only 152 bills with only 16 passed into law. While the significance of these bills is debatable, the fact that he was a sponsor or co-sponsor of 427 puts it into perspective. That's him saying "yeah, that sounds good, I'll put my name on that" 427 times, rather than taking a leadership role in crafting legislation himself.

The bottom line is that one can visit some of the most rabid Obama supporters and ask, "What did Obama accomplish prior to his presidency?" and get nothing but blank stares.

And leading up to the election, we hear that Obama faithfully attended the same church for 20 years where the pastor Rev. Wright loudly "God damn"ed the country that Obama aspired to lead. Then, Obama wants us to believe he wasn't aware of his pastor's sentiments.

We learned that other associates of Obama's during his career as an organizer and politician include Bill Ayers, a member of the Weather Underground, who bombed a federal building and is unrepentant to this day. Then there is the convicted felon Tony Rezko, a shady real estate mogul who "helped" Obama buy a house.

These aren't mere acquaintances or benign associations. Rev Wright married the Obamas. The political career of Obama was launched in Ayers' living room during a fundraiser Ayers organized for him.

Yet despite all of this, a good portion of We the People have faith that Obama is America's savior.

We can see, hear, touch, or feel absolutely no evidence of his ability to save anything, but We the People have faith, baby.

Welcome to the Obama religion. Tithe up, bitches!