Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama the Hypocrite

You know, I'd decided shortly after the election to try and give B. Hussein a fair shake. He managed to avoid stepping on his johnson for about a week.

Then, the other day, he unveils his economic stimulus package. A few excerpts:
  • $71 billion in new entitlement spending (extended unemployment benefits, welfare, food stamps, etc.)
  • $31 billion to build or repair federal buildings
  • $6 billion to "weatherize modest-income homes"
  • $850 million to "prevent forest fires"
  • $400 million for habitat restoration

Can someone please explain to me how deficit spending on nice-to-have projects like these is going to somehow stimulate our economy? If government spending stimulated the economy, it would be in fine shape and we wouldn't be in a recession.

Fresh from unveiling his liberal deficit spending package, he says this about executive bonuses given out last year:

"It is shameful," Obama said from the Oval Office Thursday. "And part of what we're going to need is for the folks on Wall Street who are asking for help to show some restraint, and show some discipline, and show some sense of responsibility."

Perhaps Obama should see a doctor.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel Bombing Schools, UN Installations, Civilians!

There sure is a lot of hand-wringing going on right now in the media about civilian casualties and big bad Israel bombing the shit out of schools and United Nations installations in Gaza.

Israel drops bombs where the enemy is located. That's the bottom line. Buried deep in a lot of the stories we're seeing about this is the fact that cowardly Hamas fighters are hiding in civilians' homes, schools, hospitals and UN facilities between rocket launches & firing their RPG's.

The blame for all civilian casualties in this conflict belongs squarely and completely at the feet of Hamas and the rest of the Islamist radicals who, to ultimately fulfill their ideological goals, require the complete destruction of Israel. If human life was so important to these idiots, they would refrain from putting their own people in harms way and strive to live in peace with their neighbors. They would fight on the battlefield like men instead of hiding amongst the civilian population, sticking their heads out only to launch rockets and commit other assorted & sundry acts of aggression.

Israel is damned if it does and fucked if it doesn't. At the most basic level, the Palestinian militants are so far in the wrong it's clear as day. The Jews need a state, and the Palestinians need a state. Israel is more than willing to work with the Palestinians in achieving that goal, but Hamas and the like will have nothing of it, instead dedicating themselves to one goal: the destruction of Israel. There will never be peace from their perspective until Israel is wiped off the map. How does Israel pursue peace with parties committed to such radical ideology? It is impossible.

Some Palestinian elements suggest that an Israel withdrawal to pre-1967 borders may be a concession that even the hardest-core militants may accept in exchange for a long-term cease fire (note that I didn't say "permanent", or "peace"). One significant reason that Israel took the land it did in 1967 was because its previous borders were indefensible - the strips of land with hostile neighbors surrounding them were too small to have an effective & strategic plan for defense - making Israel an appealing target and vulnerable to attack. Once Israel DID get attacked by its neighbors, starting the six-day war, Israel was able to beat back the aggressors and redraw the borders to be more defensible. It is unlikely - and would be extremely foolish - for Israel to withdraw to the old borders as long as its neighbors are committed to its destruction.

The only answer to this equation is to A) change the minds of hard-core Palestinian idealogues and religious zealots so they believe Allah would be down peace with Israel, or B) Beat, bomb, shoot, eviscerate and annihilate every last one of them, or C) Israel moves to Siberia, or D) Israel agrees to its own demise.

Now, you tell me. What are the chances that anyone will change the minds of religious zealots who believe in a radical interpretation of the Koran and are bent on Israel's destruction? I'd say right around zero, so option A is out. I don't think it's feasible for Israel to roll to Siberia, so option C is out. It's idiotic to think option D is even an option. So, option B it is right now.

The people of Gaza chose this for themselves. They voted Hamas to power, so I don't feel a damn bit sorry for them. If they value their lives and the lives of their families, they will vote differently if and when there is another election, and they will purge their territory of the extremists. That is the only feasible alternative to perpetual fighting, bombing, maiming and death. Until they do, they'd better expect the bombs to rain down ANYWHERE the militants are.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza Attack Protests!!

I fired up Yahoo tonight when I got home and the above is what I see screaming at me from the Yahoo News tab.

It wasn't just a little headline like normal, but this was highlighted in light blue, bigger than the rest of the stories, complete with a picture of a woman looking forlorn with a tagline that says, "Thousands demonstrated against Israel's ground offensive on Gaza."

I have a few questions in my mind when I read this.

Why didn't we hear about any protests against Palestinian militants firing rockets on southern Israeli towns like Sderot? During the cease-fire, no less? Every day?

We never do. For some reason the liberal media doesn't run stories about the plight of Israelis who have to deal with this threat on a daily basis.

The conflict between Israel & the Palestinians goes back many hundreds if not thousands of years. The bottom line is that Israel is the rightful owner of its land. The Arabs/Muslims tried to wipe it off the map in 1967, but found out in six short days that Israel was nobody's bitch, and in fact, beat the shit out of Syria, Egypt and Jordan, and took land from each for it's trouble.

Since then there has been a constant stream of whining by the Arabs/Muslims that Israel "occupies" its land. In an effort to meet the Palestinians halfway, Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 amid violent protests from Israel's own citizens who had settled there but were forced to uproot their lives and move back into Israel.

The Palestinian response to Israel's withdrawal was more contempt and hostility. Militants dug in and began firing rockets into Israel from the Gaza strip. There was no tit for tat. No cessation of Palestinian hostilities against Israel. But Israel stood by its decision and let the land remain with the Palestinians.

Later, the terrorist group Hamas won Palestinian elections and took Gaza by force from the ruling Fatah party who was more moderate towards Israel. Though a cease-fire was instituted, terrorist rockets continued to rain down into southern Israel, maiming and killing innocent Israeli civilians.

So where are the news stories about that? Where are the fucking stories about protests against continued Hamas/Palestinian aggression against Israel?

I side with Israel because anyone with eyes, ears and a brain can plainly see that Israel does not want war. It is defending itself against aggressors whose only goal in life is to destroy Israel. If Israel wanted to, it could wreak havoc across the entire middle east and take ALL of the land it wants.

Israel is trying to play nice. The Palestinians are not. End of fucking story.