Monday, February 22, 2010

Illegal Immigration: What's Best for America?

A couple of years ago, I overcame my addiction to the newspaper. I had maintained a 7-day subscription since 1993 but the constant liberal slant, rapid rise in the cost of home delivery, and abundant free sources of news on the internet all combined to make me say "enough is enough", and I let my subscription lapse.

However, from time to time I will indulge in this harmless vice and buy a paper. Yesterday was one of those days; I picked up the Sunday edition of the Dallas Morning News on a whim. I almost put it back when I realized they are now three bucks; the last time I bought one on a Sunday, they were a dollar.

Anyway, I didn't get a chance to read it until this morning and I didn't get too far before I was immediately reminded of one reason I no longer subscribe. One of the columnists successfully tore my tolerance tendon. Not just tweaked it, but tore that already-fragile part of my mental anatomy completely apart.

The title of his column hinted at the stupidity I would find below. "Migrants are the best of both worlds", it said. "Okay, I'll bite", I thought.

The author, Steve Blow, sets the stage by describing an illegal alien he calls Ernesto as "sweet natured", "an incredibly hard worker", and "a family friend". Blow details for us a conversation he has with Ernesto (in Spanish, even though Ernesto has been here for seven years) about how Ernesto walked for four days in the desert, paid a coyote $2,200 to help him cross the border illegally, and how his knee causes him occasional pain as a result.

Blow goes on to admit that a large percentage of Americans would like to see this illegal alien arrested and deported, but then bravely declares that - perhaps selfishly - he thinks Ernesto should be allowed to stay because "he [Blow] wants the best for his country".

It's right about this time that I could feel my tolerance tendon starting to tear.

Then, Blow continues by trumpeting the benefits of people like Ernesto who, in his opinion, represent "the best of their countries - the most ambitious, the most hardworking, the most daring". He somehow believes that all of the challenges they faced to get here, including breaking the law by illegally crossing the border, means that they would not be lazy, aimless, timid, or indifferent, and instead would be hard workers once they were here. Only the most "dedicated and determined" would make it, he says, and calls our border enforcement a "highly efficient screening system".

Rrrip! So much for my tolerance tendon.

As I sit here writing this, the rest of the newspaper remains unread. I could not allow this tripe to go without an immediate and strong rebuttal, so I am closing the loop on this display of Mr. Blow's mental midgetry with a letter I sent to the editor this morning, and by writing this blog posting.

Moving right along. I fail to understand why illegal aliens that exhibit dedication and determination (and a lack of values) in breaking our laws deserve the reward of legalization when it takes just as much dedication and determination to come here legally. Those who take the latter path demonstrate a higher moral character and are therefore much more welcome in America.

In fact, one could argue that this combination of traits would lead to more crimes. Their values didn't stop them from illegally crossing the border, so who's to say they wouldn't illegally cross the threshold of someone's home, too, and burglarize it? What would stop them from raping the cute little gringa whose lawn they mow every week? Knocking over the liquor store and shooting the clerk? All of those things take dedication and determination, too - in addition to a lack of values, moral character, and respect for the law. The same traits they demonstrate in coming here illegally.

Mr. Blowhard is not only selfish but also shameful in his belief that rewarding illegal immigration is what is "best for his country". I’m not sure what country he thinks he lives in, but MY country was not built with the labor of scofflaws, and it’s unacceptable in MY country to reward those who break the law to come here, no matter how "sweet natured", hard-working, dedicated, and determined that illegal aliens are.

Believe it or not, I'm not a total asshole incapable of feeling compassion for my fellow man. If for some reason our immigration laws are inadequate, then we need to change them. The apathy demonstrated by our elected representatives on the subject of immigration is unacceptable. We need reform to include stronger border security and a fresh look at immigration law in terms of quotas and making the process more efficient.

Meanwhile, we need to make it extremely difficult for illegal aliens to enjoy life in America so that they return home on their own. We have tried amnesties before, and our government has proven their unwillingness and/or inability to hold up their end of the bargain. Only a fool does the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Let us NOT be fools.

What's best for America is We the People participating in the political and legislative process, and We the People holding our government representatives accountable for their actions or lack thereof. What is NOT best for America is for We the People to allow and encourage lawbreaking.

Shame on you, Steve Blow. I hope the next chat with your family friend is interrupted by an INS agent knocking at your door, and that he is accompanied by an IRS agent, code compliance people, and the head of your HOA.

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