Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't Be A Sheep!

This just in from the Department of What's Wrong with the Country:

King County, Washington is forcing people to wear life vests if they want to swim, tube, etc. in any of the county's rivers.

Obama's food police is expanding its crackdown, forcing companies and restaurants to reinvent their foods - or else.

It seems that when some people are elected to office, they believe that somehow, overnight, they have become smarter, more sensible, and just plan BETTER than those who elected them. With this belief, they set out to codify their overreaching ideas - in our best interest, of course - since they believe we are all too dumb to make it through life on our own.

Sure, there are those who aren't real bright and don't make the best decisions for themselves. Many of those are children and it's none of the government's business how we choose to raise our children, good or bad. The rest are adults who really shouldn't be taking up space and breathing up air anyway, and probably wouldn't be if it wasn't for some other piece of legislated nannyism put in place years ago.

There are plenty of other countries in the world that dictate to people how they are allowed to live their lives. Some of those people are fine with coasting through life, responsible for nothing, and have become accustomed to getting only what they're given or allowed by the government instead of having the freedom and responsibility to win or lose while making their way through life.

I am not one of those people, and this is NOT one of those countries.

Regulations like these chip away at the freedom and liberty that this once-proud nation was founded upon, and are absolutely unacceptable. Big-government liberals and RINOS dismiss the slippery-slope argument, but really...what is to stop government from making us all wear helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads while walking down the street? After all, it would be for our own good, and might prevent tens of deaths every year, nationwide.

I'm sick of government overstepping its bounds and forcing its tentacles into every corner of our lives. It is in our kitchens, our bedrooms, our bathrooms....nowhere is safe.  Government today is like a cancer...it must feed on more and more of our money and grow bigger in order to enforce each new regulation.

It's outrageous that government is more concerned with dictating to companies how to make their foods - and what we should be eating - than keeping our borders safe from invasion by illegal aliens. I'd rather take my chances eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes than walking down the street in El Paso or Nogales.

Look, if some idiot decides to go tubing down the river and drowns because he can't swim or he gets too drunk to hold his head out of the water, that's HIS problem. It's natural selection; Darwin in action. The VAST majority of us know better, and we don't need to be forced into lifejackets because 1% of the population suffers from severe, chronic stupidity.

But, it's YOUR fault.  We hold the ultimate power in the country, as unlikely as it seems.  We The People vote these morons into office, and when a great number of The People are more concerned with who won American Idol than what the country's leaders are doing, we get these megalomaniacs in office that say all the right things on the campaign trail and do all the wrong things after assuming office.

This is a quintessential Rant of the Anti-Sheep. Everywhere I look, there is apathetic sheep(le) that just don't give a shit.  Thanks to the sheep, government will keep on doing this kind of thing until we're all screwed.  And that point is NOT far off; just ask about 50% of the economists in this country. 

So, I'm here to save the world.  You're welcome. 

Be sure to VOTE in every election, local and national.  Unless you're a sheep, in which case, The X Factor is coming on soon.  Better not miss it.

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