Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupiers: Clueless or Treasonous?

In cities across the country - and indeed the world - groups of people have gathered to protest banks, corporations and the rich under the "Occupy Wall Street" banner.  In talking with these protesters, one would be hard-pressed to find consensus on the group's mission or what it wants, but generally speaking, they are whining about not being rich - while villifying the rich.

Yeah, doesn't make sense to me, either.

They moan in blogs written on their $1,600 Macbooks about their student loan debt, cry from the comfort of their living rooms about being expected to pay for the mortgages they signed up for, scream out with their $4.50 Starbucks lemongrass frappalattecinos in hand about how life isn't "fair" and that there's so much "inequality" in the world.

They bellyache about their job prospects after studying art, dance, basket weaving, and other worthless crap. They screech in texts sent via their $250 iPhones that they can't afford health insurance, and that life in America is so horrible and terrible, and it's all the rich's fault.

Conspicuously missing from this movement is a clear message about what exactly it wants.  Google "Occupy Wall Street", and next to the link it says "NYC Protest for American Revolution", yet inside their website they say they want to "restore democracy in America", and are fighting against "social injustice".

History shows that revolutions are actions that aim to rid a nation of one system, and replace it with another.  While America is not a pure democracy, it is generally accepted that we have a democratic system in place already.  That hasn't changed since the founding of the United States of America, so it's unclear what exactly they want to "restore".

Taking into account the overarching theme of these gatherings, and everything that the Occupiers themselves have written and said about their protests, one can only conclude that they do indeed want a revolution.  A second American revolution, that would replace the Constitutional republic/democracy that we have today with a socialist, Marxist, or even communist system.  "From those according to their ability [the productive and rich], to those according to their need [the poor limp, lame & lazy]".

In fact, the Communist and Nazi parties in the USA have both declared their agreement with, and support of, the Occupy movement.

Given the demographics and the ideological bent of those involved in the protests, it's not a stretch to conclude that most of them voted for Obama - if they were old enough to - back in 2008.  This would mean most of them are simply clueless and harmless, and just looking for an excuse to complain and rabble-rouse with those similarly situated.  It sure doesn't hurt that there are plenty of young 20-something hippie chicks that are a part of this novel social experiment.  And to me, it's unthinkable that any American with a clue would support a revolution aiming to replace our system of government that is built upon the foundation of individual liberty with one that is more oppressive.

Or, are they smart and intelligent and know what they're doing?  Do they really want to see freedom and liberty and the American way relegated to the past, in favor of a system that guarantees this "social justice" they clamor for?

Thousands of these protesters have already proven they have no respect for the law, given the staggering number of arrests during their protests.  Images of American flags being walked on, and clips of protesters singing "f*ck the USA" are all over the internet.  So is there a real revolution in the making?  Will the Occupy movement turn into something more structured, and will it take action to overthrow the government?  Are they treasonous?

Nah, if they had all of that drive and determination, they'd have good jobs and would be on their way to being rich themselves. I think they're just a bunch of whiny dumbasses.  Nothing to see here.  Obama will lose his keys to the White House next November, and if the Flea Party is still around, they too will fade into obscurity, a slightly humorous yet sad stain on the fabric of history.

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